Advice Needed: Keeping Buddy Away
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Thread: Advice Needed: Keeping Buddy Away

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    We have a burn pile in the back yard. We had to use it for the first time since we have had Buddy because yard waste collection doesn't start until April. I have ALWAYS kept Buddy from chewing on sticks. It is something that drives me crazy because a) I hate him picking up sticks on our walks and b) I do bad things can result from it. My man (Buddy's dad) gave him stick after stick when we were gathering them up. Now he won't leave any sticks at all. He's always out around the pile searching for sticks. I can't even let him out anymore without him picking one up and chewing on it.

    I'm thinking the burn pile will have to go. It's not safe for him to be around it, and especially trying to get sticks out (the pile is not currently burning when he does this, but still). Does anyone have any advice for leaving sticks alone, or alternatives to getting rid of the burn pile?
    Thanks in advance!

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    My last lab had to have major surgery to remove a stick from his gut so you're wise to keep him away from them. The only thing i can think of is temporary fencing around the pile (which probably won't stop him if he's determined) OR put a muzzle on him when he's in the yard until the pile is removed in April.

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    The best advice I can offer is to train 'Leave it'. Its going to be tough to break a natural habit he already has, especially if home is a great source for the contraband. Hershey Kisses is the same way. She is pretty good with 'Leave it', but she is very good with staying on the proparty when I am mowing, or whatever. I don't watch her all the time, and she grabs a stick as soon as I am distracted from watching her.
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