Another good reason for ID tags AND micro chips on dogs
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Thread: Another good reason for ID tags AND micro chips on dogs

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    DefaultAnother good reason for ID tags AND micro chips on dogs

    My cousins puppy got out under there fence and wondered on an adventure. Now she is very lovable and will go to anyone. A group of girls found her. Tamina doesn't have tags and is NOT micro-chipped. My cousin did call the police station(were the head of the pound is stationed) and the dog catcher and also the local human society. She did not find her. My other cousin(her brother in law) was checking a sight on FB and saw Tamina. So instead of calling the police station or anything the girls mother just put her on there for sale(of course for Money to make a quick buck and would give her to just anyone). When my cousin called claiming her the person made my cousin pay 30$ to get her back and had to bring proof of pictures. I know 30 isn't much and she would have paid more if made to but it still ticked her off a lot. If T had tags the whole thing wouldn't have happened.

    Who knows what would have happened to her if my other cousin didn't find this little girl.

    So that was just a friendly reminder to get Tags and chip your dogs to the new owners.
    If this happened to me when Tank went missing last summer I would have been ticked. I am glad he found his way to my uncles.
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    We have Sophie chipped and tagged. Her tag has her name and our phone number. Chipping is inexpensive, and easy. I wish more people chipped their pets. She has lost her tags twice. Her rabies tag and original microchip tag are lost. I called the chip people and I can order another one. The rabies tag can't be replaced. She had a one yr shot and is due again in August, so she'll get a new tag then. We can't figure out how she managed to lose her tags. They are on her with secrue heavy duty rings. The funny thing is, we got a call from a kid that found one of her name tags. It was found about 5 miles from our house at an elementary school. We haven't been to that school in years. The only thing we can figure is that some kid found it, stuck it in their pocket and took it to school with them and lost it. Funny how things happen sometimes...
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