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    So today was a big day for Buddy. My dad came to visit. He absolutely adores buddy! As a result, he got a lot more table scraps than he would in any given (months) time. Even after saying DaD, do not give him anymore!... Today he got some:
    Fruit loops (quite a few actually)
    Small pieces of pizza crust
    Small pieces of breadsticks
    Small pieces of cinnamon sticks

    Later, we grilled hamburgers and cooked potatoes. Got done eating and came inside. Turned around and Bud was eating entire hamburger patty he stole off the counter! (made with Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, and onion powder)Oh but not done yet! A piece of potato wedge fell on the floor and he got that too!

    Of course, to make things better, we have been painting (keeping Buddy far away) I went to take the trash out, but had to set it down on its side quick to grab something, come back and Buddy is sniffing at it. Go outside and paint is dripping out of one corner. So I'm really hoping that he was just sniffing and not licking the bag.

    Other than having a bit of an upset stomach, do I have much to worry about? Buddy is like my child and I love him to pieces. I really am trying to force the concept of no food scraps on my dog, but what is done is done. What would you do in this situation?

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    none of that sounds like it should have any impact other than, as you said, upset stomach and icky poops. Hopefully it doesn't go to the point of diarrhea.

    the paint isn'T good so hopefully he didn't eat any (that should be obvious if he did though).

    My aunt put a sign on her dog at christmas "do not feed me". it works with some people. Maybe if your family doesn't listen you can crate your pup during meal time to limit the amount of scraps he gets, or leash him to you so you control what is around him. Abit of table scraps is fine "big picture". the bigger issues is more the impact on training of having someone feed him from the table (he can learn to beg and expect food from the table).
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    It sounds like you need to buy your dog one of those T shirts that say: "If Mom says NO ask Grandpa"!! Here is what Vetinfo has to say about paint ingestion: Dog ate a small glob of paint - Questions & Answers | VetInfo/QA It doesn't sound like you have to worry. There are laws against selling lead paint here in the US.

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    It is hard. No matter how often I told my family they kept it up.
    If you don't want anyone to feed your dog you may have to say if you keep feeding him I will have to crate him. Reason I don't want you to do this is because...encourages begging, puts on weight and dont think the food is good for him or what ever reason you don't like it.

    When Erns was diagnosed with Crohns any other food would make him sick so we all had to be very careful. Didn't take long and now we never thing about it. Other thing was I wanted to do CGC and part of that they have to eat without begging.

    Good luck it isn't easy.

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    [QUOTE][My aunt put a sign on her dog at christmas "do not feed me". /QUOTE]
    I like this idea.
    You're going to have to watch Buddy if he already practices the art of countersurfing. Most Lab owners already know the safest place for food.. on top of the fridge. Lock up the garbage, clean off the counters. You have a Lab.

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