Natural ways to treat flea anemia in pups??
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Thread: Natural ways to treat flea anemia in pups??

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    QuestionNatural ways to treat flea anemia in pups??

    Gemma had a blood test 2 weeks ago and it showed she was slightly anemic. The vet didnt know why. ( I do not go to him anymore) I found out yesterday that my pup has fleas. I dont think its a total infestation as I only combed 2 or 3 live fleas outta her. Well I treated her with Liberty 50 which is tractor supplys brand of advantix which does the killing AND repeling of fleas and ticks. She has a vet appt. tomorrow morning at a vet I really like but have to drive 2 hours to. I plan on asking him about Comfortis (bc i think flea bites put my pup in a frenzy) and also abotu deworming her bc I am pretty sure she has ingested (used her teeth to itch herself) a flea or 2 and probably has or will have tapeworms .
    Well anyways I now know why Gemma was anemic and still is considering she has fleas. Are there any natural remedies that I can use or do to help get my pup back to full health? Im a little worried bc she does nap a lot (shes 12 weeks old) but she will play a ton especially with her doggie cousin for long periods of time. She will randomly start panting like if she was sleeping and then wakes up panting (I figured she was hot or something). She plays a lot less if she has to entertain herself. I have just read symtpoms of anemia in canines and the tiredness and panting are symptoms. I cant tell if she has pale gums or not.. I have read that if anemia is severe that the dog will need a blood transfusion which totally freaks me out.. but I really dont think my pup has severe anemia. Well anyways anything that I could be doing to help her get back to normal helps TIA for replies

    My sweet girl Gemma

    Mt first beloved dog Bailey on her last day with us. Run free girl!
    You will always have a special place in my heart!

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    There would have to be a whole LOT of fleas for a dog to get anemia from flea bites. I'd be looking in another direction and asking a lot of questions of the vet when I took the pup in to see them.


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    My female beagle (RIP January 2012) was anemic as a puppy. Vet put her on an iron supplement for about a year or so. I agree with Laura about the fleas being the source of the anemia.

    Seamus and Flynn

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