Where to put the crate?
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Thread: Where to put the crate?

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    SmileWhere to put the crate?

    We pick our new little one up on April 15th yippee, she is a yellow female that we are calling Madison ... It's been many years since we were puppy parents but none the less we are more than ready ... So my plan is to have a crate in our bedroom so she can get use to the idea when we go to bed, it's time for her bedtime ... when she is home with us we will have a bed for her in the den and she will get use to the idea the it is "her place" the den is where we listen to music, watch television .... so here is my question ... will it confuse her to have the crate in the bedroom and the bed in the den? Should i get two crates and use the bed when she is older?

    Any ideas other than what I'm planning? Suggestions are certainly welcome ...


    Madison will be going to doggie day care 4 times a week ....
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    Should be no problem with the one crate and the bed in the den. I had my pups crate in my bedroom for only a short period of time until he got the idea that crate meant bed time. I then changed bedrooms and left his crate where it was as I am a light sleeper and he made just enough noise at night to wake me up. I think one crate is a good idea, easier for her to relate to that one spot as her one secure place.

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    We put the crate as close as we could to the door used to take puppy outside which happened to be in the living room at my house. We could hear her from the bedroom if needed - only two nights. We left a night light on. And decorated by hanging red velvet draperies over the crate.

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    We have always had the crate in one room and their bed in another.

    Forgot to say congratulations. How exciting a new puppy.

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