Ok, last week I mentioned that Rush doesn't want to eat in the morning. Some days she will eat if I hand feed her (this isn't gonna start) other days she turns her nose up and walks away. Now at night, a totally different story, she is more than ready to eat supper even on the days where I held the bowl in front of her nose and coaxed her to eat. I was thinking of adding something flavorful to her food in the morning, like a little broth. But why start it? She either eats or she doesn't. I am taking her back to the vet for blood work just to make sure everything is normal, but they ran a blood panel on her when she had her surgery and all was good then. I just want to make sure. So, do you think I'm right, offer her the food, if she refuses put it away and she can wait until dinner? Poor baby will be starving to death. This is a dog who is so food motivated that she will eat anything. Just why not in the morning I don't know. Your thoughts? Keep in mind she is 9 yo now and never has been a picky eater. Never. Food of any kind was her BFF. This really puzzles me.