the reins are being give away(slowly)
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Thread: the reins are being give away(slowly)

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    Defaultthe reins are being give away(slowly)

    This was Tank last year

    Now this year....sigh

    I keep joking how Bentley is acting more like Tank everyday. I think I do it because if I didnt I would cry. Strange I know. I dont know if it is because Bentley is getting older or what but. I see him maturing more and more everyday. When Tank is having a bad day with his hips and doesn't want to do anything I see Bentley acting like the "big" dog. Sorry If that dont make since I cant think of any other way to put it. Tank is only 7 years young and is as crazy as before but sometimes he acts like he is 15 years old.

    Anyone else get sad when they see there "puppy" acting more like there older dog and taking on "there" role?
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    I don't think Bently is taking over for Tank. More likely, he is learning from him. I can see how younger dogs imitate the older ones. From what I have observed, less training is needed for the younger ones because they learn from the older ones.

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