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    DefaultOh Emmett...

    Emmett spent Saturday and part of Sunday Dock Diving at outdoorama in Novi. So far this was the biggest crowd he has jumped in front of.... Then Fox 2 shows up I thought they would be done filiming before our turn but I was wrong. All I kept thinking is don't fall in and please don't let my pants fall down... LMAO! I guess we were on the news Sunday morning (I missed it )

    There was also a Canadian camera crew there that was filming us for a German TV station. They took a ton of footage... On Saturday We were on the dock... my throw was really good, Emmett had a great run and as he gets about 3/4 of way on the dock one of the camera guys popped up at the end to get him running and he skids to a stop and looks over like "hey what you doing" and then he jumped in to get his toy.... So he got a redo and jumped 18'3" a new personal best!

    The next day the same camera guy asked if he could get in the pool with Emmett during practice. I said sure so they got quite a bit of footage of Emmett, I got the TV station's name so I'll start checking in a couple weeks to see if there is any footage online. It would be cool to see what they got especially from the pool.

    Kind of a crazy fun weekend!

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    How cool! Hope they post some footage that you can see (and glad your pants didn't fall down)

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    Sounds fun!! I wish I had the time to get Bent into dock diving! he loves running and jumping off the docks at the camp ground.
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