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    DefaultInteresting article!

    I stumbled onto this article today on FB. It was posted by some one on one of the rescue groups I read frequently.

    Black And Tan Labrador Retrievers

    Before I respond to the person that posted this, I thought I toss it out there & see what this group thinks. Personally, I've never seen a black & tan or a brindle lab. Is that even genetically possible? To my untrained eye, the dogs picture do not appear to be pure labs.

    NOTE, I am not posting this to stir up trouble, just asking a question.

    My pretty girl, Lexi!

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    I've seen pictures of them before. Funny how the black and tan always reminds me of a rottweiler.

    Mismarks happen in many breeds. Unfortunately unscrupulous backyard breeders and puppy mills end up deliberately breeding for these mismarked dogs and labelling the puppies as rare and charging a small fortune for them, regardless of the health and temperament of them. And of course often, the dogs have been crossed with another breed somewhere way back to lead to the mismark.

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    My cousin once bred his yellow lab to a chocolate and he kept a chocolate and tan puppy. I don´t know why but these pups tend to appear more in yellow to choco breedings. Where I go mountain biking there´s a guy that walks a black lab and a chocolate and tan (according to him they are brothers and purebred) lab, but the choco/tan looks a lot like a rott

    I´ve seen a brindle just once and it looked 100% yellow lab but with the brindling. I don´t like the black and tans and choco/tans. They look like rotts.

    It is usually in the US where these color varieties tend to pop up and be recognized by kennel clubs. For example the US is the only country to recognize white collies (with colored heads), as well as blue and fawn dobermans.

    In some breeds is quite the opposite, some pretty common colors are disqualified even though they are completely purebred and besides the color they could be champions... an example are white boxers and merle great danes. Why they are disqualified is a mistery... they are born from fawn boxers and harlequin/black danes

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