Back to the penalty box for Nibbs...
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Thread: Back to the penalty box for Nibbs...

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    DefaultBack to the penalty box for Nibbs...

    Nibbs is about 8 months old and spends his time in his crate when I'm not home. (I come home for lunch every day.) Since he had behaved a few times on weekends when I left him alone out of crate for an hour or so I decided that in the afternoon I'd leave the crate door open and let him roam the house. I made sure some doors to things like bathroom and my bedroom were closed. First time excellent! I come home and he's resting in my chair in the living room. Second day my hopes are high for another well behaved dog.......paper shredded everywhere in the living room. Back to the penalty box! )

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    Well with all due respect, it seems to me you're setting Nibbs up to fail. what you're asking of him is equivalent to putting a 4 year old child in a toy store and telling him he can't touch anything. It may last for a day or two but eventually the temptation to play is going to overwhelm him at some point. At least it wasn't your furniture. curtains, cabinets or worse, it was only paper.

    Since you can come home for lunch every day is it possible to split the time he's kept in the crate with something else like a yard or a larger confined area indoors? Fours hours outside of the crate has got to be better than 8 hours in a crate.

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    I agree that that's young for so much freedom. You're right smack in labrador adolescence, lol!

    Baloo is going to be 5 in March and still can't be trusted un-supervised anywhere but the crate. :/
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    I didn't trial Dylan until he was 12 months old and I was lucky that he didn't let me down. With my other two Labs I suffered a little bit of damage I'm afraid ! A door and a three piece suite spring to mind ! They usually settle down after two years but there's no guarantee as Kate's post shows you !

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    Gotta hide everything! Bean's been uncrated for about 5 hours a few times. So far, so good. *JINX!*

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