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    Hi all,

    A Veterinarian I used to work for called me yesterday with a request to help a client with a 1 1/2 old yellow neutered Lab.

    The short version is the dogs actual owner was deployed to Iraq. He asked Mom (she is in her 60's) to adopt his Lab who was about a year old at the time. Mom agreed, has been a responsible owner, has done several obedience classes, had dog neutered, etc.

    Grandmother (in her 80's) lives with Mom. Grandchildren come to visit frequently. Never a problem with dog. Until recently.

    Per Mom, nothing is different at home but dog has become "dominate" with her, challenging her. Dog will be obedient while leashed. Recently dog was in an "excited" state and when Mom reached for dogs collar, he bit her hand. Mom now is afraid of dog, is concerned for her grandchildren and her elderly mother. Dog at Vets office is a perfect gentleman, has seemingly had very good temperament with all the clinic staff. Vet said he was shocked that dog bit Mom, just did not feel he was a biter.

    Mom brought dog to the clinic for euthanasia. She did not feel comfortable putting the dog into a shelter situation. The Vet absolutely did not want to euthanize this young, healthy dog who may or may not have intentionally bit. He convinced the Mom to give him some time to try and find either a home or a rescue for the dog. The Vet has tried local Lab rescue but has not heard back from them and I certainly understand how horribly over burdened the rescues are in this economy.

    I, myself, have not seen this dog but this Vet has not only been in Veterinary medicine for years, he has owned Labradors, has been the on-site Vet for the many dog shows here for years and is pretty dog smart. He truly does not believe this is a bad dog, just a dog that is a juvenile male, testing boundries and possibly without a proper outlets for a young male Lab.

    Is there anyone in Arizona who may be looking for a large (90#), yellow, neutered, obedience trained dog who needs a strong, confident owner? I don't know how much time Mom will be willing to hang onto the dog so I do think this is an urgent plea for help. I will also place this in the rescue section, placed it here because so many more people visit here.

    I am going to try and get pictures of this guy and post them. Thanks everyone.

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    Oh, my goodness. I think it does sound like the bite was not a vicious bite. Angus has "bitten" me many, many times in his life, when he was a puppy and around that age. I'm betting that Mom does not have a way to exercise him properly and he has a ton of pent-up energy, and it's not being channeled.

    Thank you for trying for this dog. And big thanks to your former boss.

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    I too am thinking this isn't a vicious lab. I would be more apt to think that the dog was excited and more mouthing rather than biting. Sounds like he needs more stimulation, play and exercise.

    Hope someone can help.


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