GPS dog tracking/monitor devices-Anybody use one?
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Thread: GPS dog tracking/monitor devices-Anybody use one?

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    DefaultGPS dog tracking/monitor devices-Anybody use one?

    BUddy is usually pretty good about staying within sight when outside. Until he sees a rabbit, a cat, a deer, a leaf and poof! he is gone. Chocolate Labs are almostas hard to spot at night as a black lab. Yesterday morning just before i was leaving fo work Buddy took off around the house and by the time I puffed around the corner he was gone. Drove around the neighborhood for twenty minutes and on the third lap saw him three blocks from the house standing in a driveway looking back towards the house as if he were waiting for bus. He was walking around the the back of the Lab Limo before I stopped completely. He took a seat waaaay in the back.

    I started looking for a GPS radio system because there are now monthly fees. As anyone used any? If so what do you have and how do you like it?


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    Have you ever seen the show "hogs gone wild"? I know they use the collars on their dogs and it seems like it works good.
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