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Thread: not sure what to do

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    Defaultnot sure what to do

    My lab Luck has been getting this dandruff on him and Im not sure what to do?I Just gave him a bath yesterday and he still has the dandruff

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    dandruff is usually food related or due to dry environment. My own dog gets dandruff in the winter months. You can try adding salmon oil to his food or feeding sardines.
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    The bath definitely won't help with the dandruff. Labs shouldn't be bathed because it ruins the oils in their skin. I agree RE: a fish oil supplement.
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    Usually you see flakes from dry skin. Sophie has it. We did several things. We put her on a grain free diet first. She has allergies too, so that was the way to go for her. We give her cod liver oil caplets. 1, twice a day. We brush her. Brushing stimulates the oil in the skin, and it helps get rid of the flakes. You should brush every day. We changed from Advantix for fleas to Comfortis which is a pill. The vet said that Advantix and Frontline are both spread by the oil in the skin, and dry skinned dogs don't distribute it properly. Baths are not necessary, and dry the skin more. Good luck.

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