Balloons are after me mom, really they are!
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Thread: Balloons are after me mom, really they are!

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    DefaultBalloons are after me mom, really they are!

    This is how my crazy morning started with Bella. Outside for potty time as usual, small grass area by side of the apartment. She spots balloons that has blown into the area and she totally freaks out. She turned into devil dog, snarling and barking with a bark that I have never heard come out of our little miss before! Not to mention her hair is standing up from top of neck to the middle of her tail!
    So thinking I will be the good mom and remove the evil balloons for her, I proceed to grab them and place them over the wall where she can't see them. This didn't do the trick, instead she must have thought I was on "their" side and went nuts, running back and forth until she ran right into a big pile of poo. Needless to say, the rest of the morning before my coffee mind you, was spent washing her poo feet, cleaning up the poo spread all over outside and washing down the sidewalk which was covered with the icky brown stuff. All this before 7 a.m. and did I mention all before my coffee!
    Dogs, ya gotta love them, they bring such????? pleasure, that's right pleasure into one's day. lol
    Sweet Bella Mia at Zion National Park.

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    Evil ballons. lol. The do bring a lot of pleasure.

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    That must have been cute so see.


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