Dear Forum Newcomers (Noobs, Newbies, Fresh People), etc...PLEASE READ THIS...
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Thread: Dear Forum Newcomers (Noobs, Newbies, Fresh People), etc...PLEASE READ THIS...

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    Thumbs upDear Forum Newcomers (Noobs, Newbies, Fresh People), etc...PLEASE READ THIS...

    Welcome to Just Labradors Forum.
    We are excited to have you here. Having said that, we'd like to help you out with providing a few thoughts about how to maneuver around our cozy little home. The people (especially the regulars) are great people, but lets face it, we don't always agree on everything. The discussions can be lively at times, and if you are a true dog lover and want to learn about making life great for your four-legged companions, stick around, enjoy and join in, if you are so inclined to do so. If you are weak of heart, get offended easily, or are trying to intentionally be a troll, then please, take your leave now.

    In general, here are some great rules to play by:
    1.) Don't talk about breeding if you already planned on doing it.

    2.) Don't talk about silver labs if you are already convinced they are purebred.

    3.) Don't start threads if you aren't interested in the answers to your questions.

    4.) Don't whine about people being mean and condensending. Chances are, there was something said to provoke a inflammatory response.

    5.) USE THE SEARCH BUTTON FIRST before posting. Chances are the question has been asked many times before.

    6.) DON'T DRAG UP OLD THREADS. It causes unnecessary drama because people don't always look at the thread start dates.

    7.) No one is an expert here. We all have varied experiences, and that is what makes this board great. What works for one dog, doesn't mean it will work for all dogs. And in the case of a medical emergency, CONSULT YOUR VET.

    8.) ALWAYS START WITH ASKING YOUR BREEDER QUESTIONS FIRST. They are not the enemy. The good ones spend lots of time with their dogs and know what does work. Don't question it unless you got your dog from a back yard breeder. Then, if you got a pet bred dog...feel free to search and then ask. Common sense always is looked favorably upon.

    9.) Don't cry about "meanies" and then make a big dramatic announcement that you are leaving never to return. If you don't like the company or advice here, then leave. Buh-Bye. If you like the the advice but are too chicken to post, then read. The fact of the matter is this. This is the internet and no one is judging you. We don't have the time to worry about what someone that we'll likely will never meet thinks about us.

    10.) Don't post dumb threads like "Hey SO AND SO, Check your PMs" That's just worthless drivel. And we're all nosey so we'll check that thread even though we're not so and so.

    11.) Don't use all CAPS unless you are really wanting to emphasize your point...otherwise you're just being a jerk and shouting.

    12.) If you can't spell or use the correct forms of words or if your grammer sucks, there are people on here who will let you know.

    Again, we're lively here at JL, but when it comes down to it, we all LOVE our Labs. When someone is hurting, you may witness miracles that come out of this chaos. If you want to be a jerk, we can point you to other boards that have moderators that ban everything you say.

    Thank you.

    (PS, can a mod sticky this?)
    Dani, Rider & Rookie
    SHR Watson's Safari Rider, JH, WC, CL1-R, RA, CGC, TDI
    SHR Endeavor Put Me In Coach, RN, WC, CGC

    Member Since 6/2003

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    Excellent post, Dani!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dani View Post
    ..(PS, can a mod sticky this?)
    Same thing I was thinking as I read. It's too good a post to get lost as time goes on.

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    I'm a noob Looking forward to this

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    Awesome job, Dani.

    Laura, mom of Sundance, CGC
    born 1/16/06

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    How come this is unstickied?

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    Very well put Dani.
    Love JL.!!!

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    oh yeah!

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    yeah, pretty good post except for #4.
    i've seen people get reamed out for nothing more than disagreeing. and why "mean" and "nasty" is ok, is beyond me. so "chances are" is a great song title.
    and sometimes, as you know , an"old thread" gets brought up because a member has "highlighted it" and then it's there and re read and answered.
    not really worth a spanking over.
    unless of course, you like a spanking. me personally , not into it.

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    *points to her right palm*


    Only thing I'd add is BE RESPECTFUL!!!

    Good post Dani.


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    I don't understand the rule to not use caps but the post is rife with them. I also don't understand the taboo about bringing up old threads in a forum where there are probably new people all the time and they've responded to an old one after they've searched for something.

    It's only drama if you make it drama.

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