2 important articles, thank your dog for growling and how to meet other dogs
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Thread: 2 important articles, thank your dog for growling and how to meet other dogs

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    Default2 important articles, thank your dog for growling and how to meet other dogs

    There two article are going around on Facebook and other sites.

    The first is about the important of a dog's growl and to not simply shush them or punish them for growling:
    Thank your dog for growling - Orlando Dog Training and Behavior | Examiner.com

    The second is about meeting other dogs. Not all dogs are "ok" with strange dogs in their space and it is important to not assume all dogs are dog-friendly and let your dog drag you over to meet them. And that when you do meet other dogs (after asking if it is ok) the important of training appropriate greetings.

    My Dog is Friendly! A Public Service Announcement | notes from a dog walker
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    Those articles are very good! Thanks for sharing!

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    Tayna... good reads!!! It always amazes me how many people let their dogs "say hi" without even a thought.

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    Good articles Tanya. I had to laugh at the reply below the article that says "My dog is friendly" really means "my dog wouldn't come when called if I fell down on the ground and turn into a prime rib" (or something like that). LOL Dee figures that every dog is desperate to see her and be best friends. That's why we walk her on a long line. I've never had a dog that wasn't dog friendly, but they have always been more interested in us than in other dogs. Perhaps it's partly because she's an only dog that she seems to crave interaction with other dogs.....much more so that any of our previous dogs. When we're out walking we always ask people if it's okay for her to say hi to their dog and is their dog friendly.....before we let her say hello. On the other hand we have lots of dogs come running up to us when we're out walking. Most people just don't think anything of it. They're usually friendly dogs, but you just never know for sure when they're barreling towards you.
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    Great articles Tanya! There is a little Boston down the road that is ALWAYS off-leash since the owners say "he is a nice dog" . Well my dog isn't! tank hates little dogs and Bentley thinks they are toys. I will have to print that article off and give it to the owners.
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    Thanks, Tanya. The comments are interesting too!

    As you know, Maggie is dog-reactive, and twice I've had small yappy dogs come to her loose on our suburban walks. Maggie was surprised so didn't react, but I did tell the owners (who were outside) that my dog might eat their dog. Until I did that, they seemed totally unconcerned!

    My other pet peeve is leashed dogs in dog parks. The only time Corby got bitten was by a leashed dog in an off-leash park. It happened so fast I didn't realize till after that his ear was bleeding (I ended up taking him to the emergency vet, since it wouldn't stop bleeding). Why would anyone take a reactive dog on leash in with loose dogs??? (The guy was a regular with his two leashed dogs, so it wasn't a one-time thing)

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    Great articles, thanks.

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    Very good articles. Thanks for sharing.
    Debi and Bauer
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