Good Riddance, 2011
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    DefaultGood Riddance, 2011

    The beginning of the year, we had to help Cammie over the Bridge. Me, Mr., and two daughters brought her to the vet. My BIL, who owned Cam's mother and grandmother, also showed up to say goodbye.

    I'd been dreaming of a black Lab for a long time, and felt that a puppy would keep me from dwelling too long on our loss. I found the Bean and spent my mortgage payment to bring him home. It was the first time I'd ever chosen a pet larger than a guinea pig, and I actually jumped and skipped and clapped for all my excitement!

    The first few months, I truly wondered if I'd made a big mistake. Babysitting my grandson and caring for a maniacal Lab all morning then working 2-10 PM(sometimes bringing puppy with me), then being driven to drink by that psycho puppy until 2 AM every night almost cracked me. I won't get into detail about the foods and diarrhea,

    Now Bean's really showing his "dog" self. He's been uncrated alone for an hour or so, and now that the Christmas stuff is put away, I'm extending it to the 2 1/2 hrs. between my leaving for work and Mr.'s arrival home from work. He has always slept out of the crate. Bean stays within our yard while we play with him, fetches without being taught, is an angel in the car. No excessive barking, chewing, digging, etc. He's highly biddable and I happen to think he's very pretty, too.

    So while I'm always going to miss Cam, Bean is definitely on his way to becoming another spectacularly awesome dog! And my toddler grandson has a great buddy to grow up with!

    I guess 2011 wasn't that bad after all. Best wishes to everyone in the year 2012!!

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    great story about bean.
    best wishes for the upcoming year.

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