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    DefaultThen dash away dash away dash away all

    Buddy is a climber. First day as a foster he was half way over a 4' chain link fence when I convinced him that was not his best course of action.
    At his regular dog park Buddy watched a an idjit deliberately throw a ball over the park fence for his dog to retrieve by jumping over the fence. Buddy and several of his friends took notes. There are now many fence jumpers at the park. It does not help that the fence is 30" tall.

    Buddy and his friends like to wrestle and chase. Two of his pals like to gnaw on him, so when it gets a bit much he will jump the fence to get away from them. They took notes and now jump the fence after him. Buddy also likes to greet dogs as they enter the enclosure. He uses the top of the rail to spring from. Once he jumped from one side of the entry fence to the other. One time he actually perched on the top rail for several seconds tail wagging to greet somebody before losing his balance and falling off the fence outside the enclosure. Now he and his friends will chase and wrestle in the wood chips, run through the open flat areas, round the tree, over the first picnic table under the second then over the fence across the the park then back around the children's play area and back over the fence. Repeat until grabbed by hoo-mun.

    Monday we went to a different dog park. Two enclosures surrounded by 5' fence. 1x8 rails covered with wire mesh. A small white dog was on the other side of the fence. Buddy rushed the fence, leaped up to the top of the middle rail, pushed off with his rear feet to the top and dropped over to the other side. This all took place within the time it took to read "Buddy rushed the fence". Surprised everybody. Buddy met me at the gate when I went to collect him. I think vaulting over the top the way he did scared him. After that all it took was an "ah! or Buddy! stop thinking" to get him to change his mind. The little white dog was brought over to play, and everyone had a great time.

    I am considering getting a shock collar. Most of me says no, but the other part wants to be able to stop him when he won't stop on his own or listen to me.

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    wow. he sounds pretty talented! Sorry I have no advice
    Rachel mama to,

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    Wow! He is talented!

    I like the vision you created describing the chase though the park. Our park is very big and years ago the dogs used to chase each other around in circles - 20 dogs would be a small thing. The lead dog would end it by jumping in the water, or stopping to smell the grass or just trotting over to their human. It was fun to watch.

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