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    Today I bought Sophie as stuffed football. I had previously bought her the same toy in a basketball. The basketball has lasted a month or so. Not so for the football! It was one of the "under 2 minutes toys"! She was so excited when I took it out of the bag! She ran through the house squeeking it. She then ripped it open and was poking her nose inside it and digging out the stuffing! She would toss each mouthful back over her shoulder. We had to take the squeeky out and then just let her go for it! She thoroughly enjoyed it! Then she went to play with her Dogzilla squeeky octopus looking toy. She's had in for over 3 months. It is her favorite. She finally bit through the fabric and put a hole in the ball, so now it doesn't squeek. She would look at me and turn her head like she is asking "Mama, what's wrong with my Woobey?" I guess I'll be getting her another one when I go to town. It has been very durable.


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    Autumn tears through any toy within minutes. Now we only get her Tuffy toys. Her first one was their T-Rex, and that's almost a year old. About 8 months into her having it she got through some of the seams and he's missing some of his tail and a bit of "skin" but otherwise he's still solid. We've tried their Alien Kurklops (there's a picture of them floating around her somewhere), their ultimate ring (it's still solid 5 months later), the tug-o-war rings (which was supposed to be a Xmas gift, but she grabbed it out of the bag), and their ultimate football. Kurklops was ripped open with a week. The tug of war ring has a hole in it, and it took her about a week to get into it. But other than that little hole it's good.

    They can be kinda pricey, but they definitely last longer than me buying toys every couple of weeks. And thankfully she likes the carcasses (the empty shell of fabric). Also, we find them at a store out here called Tuesday Morning (not sure if it's national) which has discounted stuff so they're generally 50% off what you'd pay retail. AND the company also has a "toy tester" program where you pay a certain amount of money and they ship you a toy however often you choose (but their guarantee/replacement policy doesn't apply to them).

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    Isn't it funny how they will keep one toy and destroy another? Bauer used to destroy stuffed toys, but doesn't anymore. He is funny with them; some he plays with (chews on them until they are soaking wet, tosses them around, etc.), some toys he "babies" (licks them, snuggles them, and sleeps with them). His favorite one to baby is a gorilla that makes a horribly loud gorilla noise. He doesn't like the noise and he is very careful with it so he doesnt activate the noise.
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    try DuraDoggie toys. they are extremely durable and Libby loves them
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    Simon loves tearing up his toys! LOL!

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    Sophie was ready for some football. Sounds like she had been practicing the two minute drill.

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    Buddy takes any phrase such as "durable," "long-lasting," or his favorite, "guaranteed to stand up to heavy chewers," as a personal invitation to destroy. Tuffys, fire-hose material, etc. are all destroyed within minutes. If it is anything but a Nylabone or Kong, its lifespan is cut dramatically the moment it enters our home, and once these two start playing tug with anything, it's a goner.
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    If I buy a stuffie toy it is with the knowledge it will last less than 1 day with a puppy in the house. Ozzy was also a champ at destroying stuffed toys but Emma will keep and love them for a long time. She treats them like "babies", lol. I have learned to buy Kong toys, the "Wubba" is a current favorite in our house. I still buy the occassional stuffed toy, just to see the joy on Maxx's face as he pulls it apart with the stuffing hanging out of his little mouth and to add to Emma's collection of toys that are hers only. Thank goodness my oldest works part time at a pet store and we get a great discount!

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    I am going to buy Bentley one of those for c-mas. He destroys everything! Last night her tore up the bottom plastic of his crate! The only toy he has not destroyed is a blue tug toy(which is made of rubber). Tank used to destroy stuffys but now that he is older he keeps them a lot longer.
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