Do labs really like the water?
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Thread: Do labs really like the water?

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    DefaultDo labs really like the water?

    I've always read that Labs like the water but does that include the rain? Hamilton refuses to go outside in the rain or snow and when he does, he pulls us inside almost immediately. Is this a Hamilton thing or does love of water not include rain for labs?
    Hamilton, Rescued October 4, 2011 at the age of four, background unknown. Hamilton is extremely lovable!!!!

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    All albs are different. I believe labs were first bred to retreiver birds and things out of the water and were used by fisherman to pull in fish nets in the Labrador sea(hince the name). Tank runs out in the run then runs back in Bentley will be out there as long as possible and doesn't care. My grandpa and grandma have neighbor who just got a chocolate lab and he HATES all water. We invited them over to splash in the pool with eh other dogs and he freaked then once he saw all the other dogs get in he calmed down a little.
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    Kassa didn't like swimming, but loved the shower and taking herself off for one. Some days I would have to go and turn the thing off 3-4 times a day until we got a baby gate and she couldn't get in. If guests had a bubble bath you could bet she would get in before they did or open the door and get in with them. lol She hated the rain.

    Erns is a fish in a Labs coat, but try giving him a bath and you will loose your arm. He prefers not to be in the rain, but not antsy about it.

    Tessa also doesn't like swimming, but will do a lap with Erns then get out. Haven't had time to take her to the river or beach yet, but she makes a bee line for the stream at the dog park. She needs bathing often with her allergies and never complains. Rain doesn't bother her either. I come home during the day and she has been out in it.
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    Mine wont go outdoors in the rain except under duress. They both LOVE the snow however. Blaise actually will nap in the snow.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    Gracie hates the water. We have a pool and she will get close to the edge but wont go in. Her friend Dakota has a blast in the pool and still Gracie wont. Once Gracie played in a lake but didnt actually swim and if her toy went to far she just let it go away.

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    Sophie loves water. She tore down the fencing on our pool deck to get in our pool! Once in she went nuts! My husband and son dragged her out, she slipped off her collar, and ran around the yard, up on the trampoline and then up on to the other side of the pool deck and back in the pool! It was before we cleaned it to open it for the season and the water was yucky! She has her own kiddie pool and loves to play in it. She likes walks in the rain. My husband took her on a long one today, she came in and I wrapped her in a towel and she was a snuggly girl.

    Sophie DOB 04/13/2011 6 mo

    8.5 mo.

    Sophie 15 months, with Skye

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    Mine loves to go out for a walk in the rain, but not all are the same.

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    I can't keep mine out of the water. Neither one minds the rain, they'll stand out there in it all day. If we come across a pond, creek, or anything wet out in the field...they're diving in.

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    I think every dog is different. Baloo loves water and doesn't mind the rain, but then he's the most easygoing guy ever and doesn't really mind much, lol.

    Monster LOVES swimming, HATES the rain. So that does happen, Hamilton may very well be a water dog, you'll have to wait and find out!
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    Peanut - 7 year old minpin
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    My two love the water. From the ocean to a tiny mud puddle, they will be in it. They are picky about the rain though. They will run hunt tests in the rain, hunt in the rain, but sometimes, if it is raining really hard when I let them out, they will stand on the deck & look at me as if to want me to go out in that?

    I guess it all depends on what they are doing.

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