Wembley's First Puppy Destruction
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Thread: Wembley's First Puppy Destruction

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    DefaultWembley's First Puppy Destruction

    Wembley finally relaxed and started acting like a puppy.

    He's tried to eat the couch a couple times, which was no big deal, because one of my old rats already chewed a big gaping hole in the end of it because her cage was too close. I'm considering making patches for the couch, embroidered with the name of the animal or child that created each hole (or in Ethan's case, silly putty stain).

    Last night, he ate Ethan's foam globe ball. It had only costed $3, but Ethan LOVED it and it was educational, so I have Grandma on a mission to Dollarama to see if she can find one. Ethan knew he'd left it on the floor and it was his own fault, but he was pretty heartbroken.

    Then today...right under my nose, I am using my laptop, it's plugged in because my battery's old and crappy. Wembley saunters up and nonchalantly bites through the cord in about a millisecond. Since I live in a little town where everything's expensive, the only replacement at the local computer store is $100. Exact same model averages $50 online. When I told Ethan I needed to go to the store to look for one, he said "You know, Mommy, I wasn't mad when Wembley ate my ball. It's not his fault." So I said, "I know you weren't mad, but I'll try to find you an other one and I'll replace my laptop charger and we'll just have to be more careful." and I gave him a big fat hug because he's an awesome kid

    Then we went home, I went online and found a charger and battery for roughly the same price as the local charger only with "overnight shipping" which turned out to be two-day shipping because I live in a "remote area" (about an hour outside the capital city of my province). I managed to borrow a charger for a bit to make do in the meantime.

    Such a headache when I'm already dealing with first shots, startup costs and Xmas all at once in the same month as I have to renew my driver's license and start paying back student loans. *sigh* He's so worth it though

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    My laptop charger met the same fate. Sophie chewed it while she was laying at my feet. She loves wires, and we know to put them up, but I thought (that's what I get for thinking) that it was safe with me sitting right there. The coax to my son's tv has been chewed through and needs replaced, and she's gotten several phone chargers. I keep wondering why she doesn't get shocked! I odered a charger off ebay for $11 so not too bad. It's a no-brand kind, but works fine. She did manage to eat the front arm panel of my sofa yesterday. I think I can fix it by cutting a piece off the backing of the couch, and use upholstery tacks to hide the shredded section. Sigh.....

    Sophie DOB 04/13/2011 6 mo

    8.5 mo.

    Sophie 15 months, with Skye

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    LOL! I remeber the puppy years!

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