Whoopee..we got past the first toe nail clipping
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Thread: Whoopee..we got past the first toe nail clipping

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    DefaultWhoopee..we got past the first toe nail clipping

    I have had incredible luck teaching dogs to lie down with all four in the air for toe nail clipping. Started with mom's lab mix 15 yrs. ago. Taught lie down, then roll over, then just mocked cutting the nails a couple times.

    I adopted a 6 y/o golden that was incredibly smart and friendly. After watching me do the lab mix, he very readily learned to do it too. Along came Abby, our black lab, and while she is still antsy about it, if I say "let's cut your toe nails", she will lie down and roll over.

    Now we have Max, who was 18 months in July, and I was really concerned about how he would react and have been putting it off. Well, last night he "stabbed" me in the back in bed, so I girded my loins this morning and went at it.

    He would lie down and roll over but he thought we were going to wrestle so holding one paw without getting batted by the other 3 was impossible. Debby put Abby in the bedroom and helped me hold him. He squirmed and wiggled, but he let us do it and I am so relieved. I believe in time he will let me do it solo.

    We'll try to get some pics next time we do Abby's.

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    Pictures of you girding your loins wouldn't go amiss !

    Haven't seen that for ages :-)

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    Our girl Shadow was very good about laying on her back and letting me trim her nails, too. My Golden Retriever, Murphy, didn't care what you did to him, as long as you were touching him. He thought it was great to have his nails trimmed!

    Champ and Buddy, on the other hand, are terrible. They hate it and I can't do either of them myself.
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy

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    You're quite the toe-nail-clipper-trainer, I may send our dear Lola to you, as she thinks we're trying to play "shake," and you get batted over and over again, with a frustrated dog that just wants her treat for doing her trick. Although she can't quite figure out why we want to shake her back paws.
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    That's so great! I agree, that is definitely the easiest position. Simon volunteers that position. Angus, not so much.

    I just taught Toenail Clipping 101 to the neighbors with their new puppy this Saturday. I really think it's good to get used to doing it yourself. I would not want to pay to have Angus' done every time they need it!

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