Hello everyone. my fiancé and I recently moved yo San Diego from las Vegas with our lab Dallas. We moved out here for her job in the law field and have been here for about six months. I'm really liking how dog friendly SD is and all of the dog paRks and dog beaches we have access too. Well my main reason for posting this is because as of now my fiancé and I are living in a one bedroom one bathroom top floor apartment. And let's just say it's definitely been a lifestyle change. For both Dallas and us. We had two days left to find a place and had to sign this lease just for a place in the meantime. Well now we are moving into a house which is what we are more used to. It will b a three bedroom two bath with a huge backyard and garage. We really want to get dally boy a friend and we want a new dog as well. Especially since we will have so much more room. Does any one is this forum currently live on San Diego or the surrounding area and know a good lab rescues or anywhere that you can adopt/ buy labs. I like the idea of rescuing but I really want the dog to be healthy and friendly. I really can't wait for Dallas to have a freind.. If anyone knows of anything please let me kno. Or if there is a website I can do it at please pet me know. This will be my forst reacue so I am lost lol thanks everyone