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    DefaultShe's Awful Clingy?

    Skye has become awful...Clingy, over the past few days. I'm not sure if this has to do with her going into heat or if it's more the fact that she's getting used to routine here and is maybe...afraid it's going to change or something? I have no clue...but she is constantly UNDER my feet, she's tripped me three times already this morning. When I sit down she crawls up in my lap...odd or normal behavior? My other lab didn't do this but I realize all labs are different...I'm just not sure if this is a "symptom" of her going in heat...or what. I don't really know how to correct it, I mean I don't mind her sitting beside me...but being that I'm only 105lbs having a 55lb lab sitting on my lap doesn't work out too well. If it is her warming up then I'm glad she's comfortable, but I can't have her walking UNDER my feet constantly either, I have a bad knee (have had knee surgery once already) so her tripping me up is making it hurt much worse...I don't mind her walking beside me, but she will literally get right underneath my feet, which is funny to me since it's kind of hard to miss her, I mean...she's much bigger than my other two...I don't know how she does it haha. Any suggestions, advice, comments?

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    When Moka was in heat she was like that-very clingy, very whiny and very needy. She had to be thisclose to me ALL the time.
    She's a very affectionate girl normally anyways, but when she was approaching her heat it ramped up BIG TIME. It was easy to tell when she was ready to start heat #2...because she became super clingy.

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