Still a Puppy?
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Thread: Still a Puppy?

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    DefaultStill a Puppy?

    Hi Everyone... I have a 15 month old yellow lab named Gracie and I am curious if she is still considered a puppy. In addition today after she ran and ran at the dog park and left exhausted she ate her second TV remote and some carpet. I was only gone for 4 hours and I came home to that. Now I am going to put her in the laundry room while I'm gone for her protection and mine but I still feel bad.

    Thanks for your advice!

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    Yep....still a puppy. Be careful of the laundry room, I have heard of labs that ate through the dry wall. We usually get someone to stay with Sophie. She can't be trusted to be left alone. We left her for the first time last Sat. for about 2 hrs. She did ok, we had her on the back porch, but she acted like we had deserted her when we got home! Leave her plenty of toys and treats in the laundry room.

    Sophie DOB 04/13/2011 6 mo

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    can you get her a crate? I would be scared leaving a puppy in a laundry room but I am a little over protective! I would be scared she will chew wires or something.
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    Sounds as though you needed to research the breed a little more. Labs are known chewers and can be so up to two, three or for ever.

    Get a crate and google crate training before you lose more valuable objects.....or your pup.

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    A crate and crate training are your best bet to keep your dog safe and your home intact. She is definitely still a puppy and as stated above, dry wall, baseboards, the door not to mention the electrical issues are too real to lock her in the laundry room. Ask anyone who has tried this and they will probably be able to tell you a horror story or two. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Good luck!

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    They are puppies for a long time. My Nellie was crated for 2 years after she ate the box springs of my king bed and the kitchen chairs, and the vertical blinds. LOL She was a terror. She was baby gated in the kitchen from 2 to two and a half until I could trust her.
    Nellie, CGC
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    labs tend to be young at heart for many years. 18mts is still young and puppy-like in behaviour for most dogs.

    But, don't think becoming an "adult" means a lab will stop chewing. some will chew for years and years. if you were crating your pup before I would continue to do so, the closed room can work if it is properly dog proofed.

    also, while exercise is VERY important, the point isn't that you exercise a dog to the point that they can't chew things. Dogs tend to recuperate fast anyway, and will be up and moving again soon. Lastly, MENTAL exercise is as important as physical exercise (training, brain games)

    ETA: I had to crate my dog until 4-5 years of age. While he didn't chew too much he kept getting into things in the kitchen, once requiring an overnight at the e-vet (thankfully he was ok). it isn't worth it to keep letting them get into trouble. I also know of a dog that broke two teeth chewing on a remote control - if you think paying for a new remote is expensive, try extracting teeth! Yikes.
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    Aw! I loved the puppy years! She is still a puppy. They are adults from age 2-3 years.

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    Behaviorally still a puppy. Physically as big as she'll get most likely. I'd get a crate if I were you.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    Crate!! We didn't have to crate Bailey even though we crate trained him as a pup, until about 18 months. He began getting into things so now he and Jasmin are simply crated when left indoors a small laundry room doesn't really provide a big dog with much space anyhow and they can always find their ways into things you never thought possible!!
    Most dogs don't have a problem at all with's us humans who feel "bad", if you have to crate for more than a couple hours just make sure you do some type of good mental play time the pup will do great!
    And--since it is almost TG I'd watch ads on the crates we have the petco and petsmart brands both work great...they will probably be having a sale and I think Tractor Supply has 50% off this coming weekend!
    Good Luck!

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