Buddy's Last "Dance"
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Thread: Buddy's Last "Dance"

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    DefaultBuddy's Last "Dance"

    This afternoon a one year old male boxer came into the park. Buddy met him at the gate and immediately mounted him. It was like a bull riding competition. The dog took off dragging Buddy behind donin his "dance". we had to pry him off. Told him a couple of times but he went right back. Held him by his harness, same thing. Finally I rolled buddy on his side and held him down until he relaxed. If he raised his head or tried to get up, I put him back down until he relaxed. When he relaxed the boxer came over to sniff. Unfortunately, the boxer is a real drooler and poor Buddy got slimed. Once the boxer stopped sniffing Buddy I let him back up. The rest of the time we were there he did not mount him. He did try the head over the back move a couple of times but stopped when I pointed a finger at him and said-uh-uh. Instead of Buddy chasing the boxer, the boxer chased buddy, and the wrestled a lot. No more humping. At least today. I think rolling him over and letting the other dog smell him worked. Many of the dog park people do not understand dogs smell each other so it took some coaxing to let the owner allow the boxer to smell Buddy.

    After his dinner and I kicked back in my chair, Buddy curled up on my lap and slept for almost an hour. He has now moved to the couch and looks quite angelic for a demon.

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    I can just imagine that boxer dragging Buddy around. I don't know why you don't take a video camera....those dog park outings sound like priceless moments.

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    lol,my grandma used to have a boxer and my female Abby(R.I.P) humped him! I couldnt help but laugh but I did correct her.
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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