That brown dog? Have no idea who belongs to him
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Thread: That brown dog? Have no idea who belongs to him

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    DefaultThat brown dog? Have no idea who belongs to him

    The kids love the dog park. When I get home from work Jack grabs his favorite squeaky and heads for the car, Buddy and Tootsie race to het in the van. On the way, if i slow down, Jack woofs a slow cadence until we start moving, and Toots and Buddy whine and squeal. Once at the park, the drag me to th gate and once in race about greeting dogs and sniffing. I too, enjoy the dog park. Mostly nice people and fun dogs to watch.

    Everybody seems to know Buddy and Jack. Jack because he carries his squeaky around and may offer it to people to throw it for him and because Jack is just a cool dog. Buddy loves to chase and wrestle which most of the people think is fun to watch but often he tries to hump just about anything with four legs at which point I don't know who that brown dog is he just jumped the fence coming in. Male, female, miniature dachshund to very tall great Danes, front back, side, standing along side a dog and doing his dance. Sometimes the other dog walks away and he just stands there by himself humping away. It is more than a little embarrassing. I have hauled him off dogs and held him and he keeps pumping. He will stop and look up at me with a "what?' look on his face, panting and smiling, tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. His eyes are bright but there is nobody sane home. Luckily most people think Buddy is a clown. His behavior has been escalating over the last four months.

    He is about 4 years old and neutered this past spring. Tonight he was very interested in a one year old female. He was sniffing and licking her butt and when not trying to mount her from behind he had his head over her back from the side just pumping away. Humping is a form of expressing dominance. Some of the dogs he humps also hump him. Several of the male dogs and some of the female dogs hump him. When this happens the owners try to stop their dog but i them Buddy humps other dogs turn about is fair play. The great Dane female was annoyed Buddy's nose was under her tail and stomped him pretty good. He submitted by cowering on his back while she held him under a paw and spoke unpleasant nothings in his ear. Often when a dog expresses its displeasure he cowers then tries from a different angle. Sometimes it is funny to watch as it starts off as a chase and wrestle. Most times people wait for the dog to react but if nothing happens whoever is closest to him hauls him off. I try to get there first but sometimes somebody else id closer. I have taken him to a far corner or held him by the harness as a time out. He does not get it. Or maybe I don't get it.

    A couple of times in the past week people have brought their female dogs to the dog park and as the games begin say, Is your dog fixed? my girl here may be coming into season soon. One guy went as far as to try to kick Buddy but the dogs were moving and he missed. He apologized, but not knowing what a neutered dog looks like annoyed me just a little as well as his attempt to kick Buddy. That guy has not been back.

    The park is about 250 feet by 100 feet enclosure and the dogs are all over the park chasing each other. Should I wait for the dogs to sort it out? Grab him as soon as I can? Not allow him to play for a while? I am open to suggestions.

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    I am not sure how you would handle this, I always neutered young before knowing better, but I have to tell you that your story made me laugh!! Buddy sounds hysterical to watch...

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    I'd like to know what to do, also. Bean has one dog he has played with, and it takes a while for him to get the idea that his humping becomes annoying. It's like he can't think of any other way to play.

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    He sounds a clown. Must be so funny to watch. That is shocking someone attempting to kick your dog.

    Would it help if you took him when not so many dogs were there so you can grab him.

    Personally I don't like other dogs humping mine. When Kassa was young a dog did it to her every time we went to the dog park, and I thought it was o.k. That was until she started snapping at any dog that came near her. One day her side seemed sore. I took her to the vet and the dog had hurt her.The vet said it was unacceptable and the owner should control his dog. He didn't so we left when he came in. Poor Kassa loved the dog park and the socialsation, but we had loads of time for her to make friends. A few months later she was diagnosed with cancer and I swore I would never let my dog down again. Until the day she died she never trusted a dog behind her again.

    Kassa 25/11/01 - 09/02/05 O.S Jaw cancer forever in my heart.
    Ernie 25/11/01 adopted May 05
    Sam 11? adopted Nov 06 - 18/12/07 Lyphoma
    Tessa. Rescued June 2011.
    Bone Cancer Dogs org.

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