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    DefaultBreak the Chain Program

    I would never, ever, think of chaining my dog in the backyard. I know that it happens to some dogs and it is heartbreaking. I received this in an e-mail this morning:
    Break the Chain Program - improving the lives of chained backyard dogs - Philadelphia Animal Welfare |
    Why do these people even get dogs in the first place?

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    That is just terrible! Oh my! Who would do that? Are they just stupid? Dogs deserve more than that, and that's what they get! It makes me so sad to hear and read stuff like this.

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    I asked a friend of mine why he had a dog if it was always outside, chained to it's dog house. His 'intelligent' reply, it's a dog, it doesn't belong in the house and we got it so the kids will have a pet. WTF???? Talk about make me mad.

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