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    The first to fully appreciate the benefit of the old fat bearded guy being home before 4p every afternoon were Jack and Buddy. I was soon being met at the door by Jack carrying his squeaky toy that looks like a squashed bowling pin. Going out the front door meant only one thing, and it was not to go potty, they headed for the Lab Limo, Jack carrying his toy, and Buddy carrying his expectation that yes indeed, we are headed for the dog park.

    When I turn onto the side street leading to the park, Buddy starts whining, and Jack starts sounding like the little engine that could high balling on the straight away. If we stop Jack barks a slow cadence until we start moving again. When we turn onto the entrance drive to the park, Jack picks up the cadence and Buddy starts singing as only Buddy can. Jack picks up his toy and the two hop out when leashed. I could plow a farrow the way these two pull me to the gate.

    Once in the park, there is the ritual sniffin' of the ground, then the other dogs and sometimes the games start, other times they just evolve into a game of chase. If a dog is fetching Buddy takes off after the dog like a defensive back going after a pass receiver. On the way back he reminds me of a basketball guard doing dog to dog defense. Jack prefers the humans and has certain people he hangs with. When Jack wants to retrieve his toy he presents it. When he does not want to retrieve he turns his head away. When he he is done and wants to go home he will move off to the side, set the toy down carefully the sit watching me. If I do not get the hint, he picks up the toy, moves to the other side, faces away from me and drops the toy. If I am still clueless to his desires, he will pick up the toy, walk over to me, turn his head away so I cannot get the toy and heads for the gate, looking over his shoulder to make sure i got the hint. Buddy on the other hand is happy to stay.

    This week we have been fostering a 5 year old yellow female. We have been going to the park every day and this weekend she has picked up on how to get the fat guy's attention that it is time to go to the dog park. The others make noise and be somewhat obnoxious. She just sets her head down oh so gently on my knee, looks at me and wags her whole body.

    The park today was deserted the first time we went. Jack made a quick assessment. "There's nobody here!" Sighed and turned back to the gate. The others followed suite. The dogs forgot to turn their stomachs back an hour. But after a 4p EST dinner they said they wanted to go to the park again. Nobody there. Tootsie the foster stayed by the gate. Buddy jumped the fence into the little dog park and stood staring at me through the fence. Jack would not give me the squeaky and headed for the gate. So much for the dog park today.

    It gets dark about 5:30p so we will have to go earlier during the week or just settle for a walk around the neighborhood.

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    Except for the disappointment at finding the park disappointed, it sounds like this house everyday. I only have Hershey Kisses everyday, but when one of the kids dogs come for a day at Camp Hershey....they know the routine. I am allowed 5 minutes after one of them arrives to get my stuff ready, and then they are at me. Let's go. We didn't come to lay in the house all day. To the dog park grandpa, to the dog park.
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    I can just visualize your day at the park in my head. That's funny how jack & Tootsie make it known what they want. Poor Buddy...he just sounds like a good old boy that will have fun anywhere, any place. This early darkness cuts into the evening fun, doesn't it, Andy.


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