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    We go pick Eden up tomorrow! I haven't been able to sleep all week because I'm so excited to get her and bring her home I had a quick question though. My vet in El Paso (when we JUST had our Chihuahua's) had told me to keep them on the puppy food as it wouldn't hurt them and one of ours was still a puppy at the time. However, both of mine are 4 now, and Eden is two...so I'm wondering, should I switch to adult food? Our bag is almost empty and we're going to pick up another bag tomorrow...I've read there may be too much of certain things in puppy food that could affect their joints (and my male chi already has a bad back as is). I was looking for some advice from someone who has more knowledge with this because I have absolutely NO clue. I have them on blue buffalo and they make a variety of the adult foods so switching them is no problem I just want to know before I pay $50 for another bag.

    Also, one other question...we figured we'd take the pups to the park (not specifically a dog park) in order to introduce them before bringing them home. I am curious...when we bring them home...should we keep Eden on a leash for awhile in the house just to see how they interact in the house, I've had some people suggest this and am not quite sure how to go about this...

    The breeder we are picking her up from has Lab puppies as well (a bunch of chocolate ones) I've seen the pictures, I'm afraid we may be in trouble haha. I have this suspicious feeling we're going to go up there to get Eden, and some little lab pup is going to come put his/her head on my lap...and I'm going to fall in love and that'll be all she wrote. Haha, my husband says we aren't allowed near the pups.

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    I am not sure about small breed dogs, having never owned one, but your new Lab should definitely be on adult food. Please remember that it is very important that you keep Eden on what ever she is currently eating and change her gradually. She will have many changes in the upcoming days and you do not want to add to her stress by changing her food outright causing diarreah and stomach upset. I can not figure out why adult small dogs would need to stay on puppy food but again, I have never owned a small dog. (My mom has a small dog but she eats adult food.) I am sure much more knowledgeable members of the forum will help you with this!
    The leash idea is a good one, tethering Eden to you may help her feel more secure and assist in the bonding process with you, or even a gate to seperate them if need be to keep everyone safe. Like you, I would probably come home with a puppy also, there is NO way I would not be able to just peek at them and it would be over at that point, lol! Good luck with Eden, I am so excited for you!
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