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    DefaultMore Wesley stories....

    I'm trying to tell tales here that haven't been told. Or that haven't been told in a long, long while. So many of Wes' adventures are already here:

    • His interactions with the neighborhood Pixies.
    • His adventures in the obed ring, including a finish that went to the wrong side and made the judge laugh ("Okay, Polish finish!") to the extent that he Q'd us anyway.
    • His special relationship with my Dad, who'd come w/us on shows, watch Wes blow sits/downs or a recall and on the drive home would always say: "Well. *I'd've* Q'd him anyway. He was the best dog there." "But Dad. He failed an exercise. You can't Q with a failed exercise!" "Well, I'd've Q'd him anyway!"
    • And the episode where, post-Dad, Wes had to go investigate his car, which was sitting in our driveway for sale, only to find that Dad wasn't in it, causing him to slink dejectedly back into the house.

    But all that has been here before.

    So the tale I'll tell for today, which still makes me laugh, is this one:

    I was SO proud when Wesley finished basic obed. I thought we'd never make it -- he was at the height of his brattitude and on the verge of being ejected from the house (ate a large section of our couch; ate a large section of drywall; ruined the wooden baseboard molding; etc. etc. etc.). So when he finally graduated, I was thrilled.

    I stepped forward and gratefully accepted his diploma and returned to my spot.

    And that diploma never made it home....

    See, Wes had this totally disgusting, annoying habit of wanting to rub his neckfur in goo. The stinkier the better. A deer carcass. A roadkill somethingorother. Or some animal's poo. It was a behavior that I had never seen before, and it emerged that night. At graduation.

    As we were getting ready to leave, Wes found a pile left by one of his female classmates. We are instructed CLEARLY to clean up all gifts left by our canine charges, so I'm really not sure what happened in this case. But he found it. And in the dark, I didn't see it.

    And SMOOOOSHSHSHSHSHSHS. He decided it made the BEST smelling cologne and that he would wear it home.

    It wasn't until we were walking to the car that the stench hit me.


    Now what?

    Well. The only thing to clean him off was.

    His diploma!

    I didn't get it ALL off. But enough to make it home, where I could hose off the rest of it.

    And that's why Wesley's archives are missing one key document: His beginner class obed school diploma.

    Kelrobin Cleveland Street Denizen, CGC, RN [Parker]

    "Dear George: Remember, no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings. Love, Clarence" -- IAWL Screenplay (1946)

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    LOL!!!! I sure hope that I can talk of my Ozzy, with laughter rather than becoming a blubbering mess, someday soon. Your wonderful stories give me hope and never fail to make me laugh! Thank you for sharing them.

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    well it sounds like it was meant to happen

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    You made me laugh out loud! Way to go Wes!

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    Bwahahahaha! I was totally expecting Wes to eat his diploma. That truly took me by surprise. Love the story and appreciate you sharing memories of Wesley.

    Laura, mom of Sundance, CGC
    born 1/16/06

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