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    DefaultNM Lab Lover ... Suggestions Please

    What to do with a stubborn dawg?

    For about the past six weeks or so, Rusty has been developing an increasingly irritating and stubborn habit while being worked on live pigeons. I'll generally "sleep" 2-3 live pigeons and "plant" them 100 yards or so apart in cover 6" to 15" deep. I then bring Rusty to the planted bird field and release him directly into (or quartering into) the wind.

    Lately he's developed a habit that when he gets into the "scent cone", he slows way down ... and when only a scant few yards from the planted bird, he locks up tight and won't move closer.

    He did it again this morning, three different times.

    He'll stay there just like that until I approach from behind and slightly off to the side of him. Sometimes he'll jump right in and either flush or catch the pigeon. Other times he gets so "stubborn" that he won't move until I actually kick the pigeon out from almost right under his nose.

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    If the bird is flushed and I shoot it, sometimes he'll wait at my side for a fetch command, other times he'll break right away and I have to be extra careful because he's so fast he's under the low flying birds almost immediately. He faithfully finds and retrieves all shot flyers.

    What would you do if your dawg was developing this nasty habit?

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