Not a lab, but any advice would be greatly received.
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Thread: Not a lab, but any advice would be greatly received.

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    DefaultNot a lab, but any advice would be greatly received.

    Hi all, haven;t posted much since Woody passed away back in February, but I am still here . Still just got Jessie the Jack Russel although, have been offered another dog today and not sure what to do.

    Its a man a few roads away from us and the dog is an Irish Water Spaniel. Its four years old and has really been brought up as an outside dog. He is an older man and already has a Springer Spaniel and a poorly wife , so is feeling that it is a bit too much for him. He is very upset with the prospect of giving 'Marley' up but knows that we would look after him and that he would be here forever with us.

    My concerns are only that i don;t know much about the breed and the grooming etc . I have googled the breed but see that they are more popular in the US than the UK (where we are). so any input, tips, advice etc, please

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    I can't help much.
    A friend has one and she is very happy with him. He needs lots of excersise and a firm hand which she hasn't got so he is a bit of a toad. From what I understand they can get hip displaysia and arthritis.

    I think pretty much the same as a Lab only need more grooming. The one thing I found hard with Gems (BC) was the grooming.

    Good luck.

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    I have met one and he was nuts(like a lab but a little worse in between a setter and lab). he was a sweety though. the owner said they need consistant training and lots of exercise.

    here is a vid on them from dogs 101 Dogs 101: Irish Water Spaniel - YouTube
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