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Thread: Bonding

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    I am so grateful for the bond between my little girl and my dog Layla. They are the best of buddies. Layla's patience is amazing. Ana fell asleep cuddling on Layla and I am pretty sure she would of sucked it up for hours laying there and probably falling asleep herself rather than disturb her.

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    So sweet!

    Sophie DOB 04/13/2011 6 mo

    8.5 mo.

    Sophie 15 months, with Skye

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    That is an incredibly sweet picture. I love the one eye. "I see you, mama, but I can't... move...!"

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    My heart just melted! Good girl Layla!!!

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    There are dogs and then Labs when it comes to being good with children. 16 years ago when one of my nieces was born, Muffin our Lab was her nanny. she helped my niece learn how to walk (used her as support, she never walked away), as a step to reach things, as a pillow to nap on, and even got puked once (LOL everytime we remember this we laugh so much, it was histerical, poor Muffin had this yuck face).

    Even though Misha and Homer didn´t grow up with kids they are just amazing with them. I love to watch them interact with kids, from babies to older kids because they just love them. My 4 y/o nephew came home for lunch last sunday and my two were amazing, never jumped on him, played fetch with him, licked him, followed him... my brother was amazed. Two months ago a friend brought their 6 mo/old baby and Homer loved him, he just followed his mom everywhere without being insistent, just sniffing (or licking) the baby´s feet.

    sometimes I think I need to get them a child so they have someone to play with LOL.

    With older kids they play fetch, chase, soccer...

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