tank had a puppy moment this morning
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Thread: tank had a puppy moment this morning

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    Defaulttank had a puppy moment this morning

    he has a socer ball he popped awhile ago and it is his most prized possesion.I heard him walk up the stairs and go into my room. then i heard a ball bouncing down the stairs. I looked down at bnetley and he was sound asleep. Then i heard him come running down teh stairs and kept attacking the ball. then he brought it over to em adn just sat there staring at me. so i rolled it and he attacked it again. Then he brought it back. When i didnt play anymore he just played by himself. He ran so fast into my parents room he slidded a little but got his ball! Im just glad we didnt have to go to school today or i would have missed this moment with him. Once he was done he curled up on the couch and just laid there whatching cartoons with me

    Dont you love when your older dog or dog with health problems has a puppy moment that you dont see in them that much?
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    Sounds like a precious moment! Glad you didn't miss it

    Avery does that all the time. If we don't play with him he throws his toys down the stairs and plays by himself LOL
    Rachel, Keith, Scarlett & Avery = One happy little Family

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