Pumpkin Head sought REVENGE~
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Thread: Pumpkin Head sought REVENGE~

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    DefaultPumpkin Head sought REVENGE~

    You're all right, Avery sought revenge this morning for me putting the halloween pumpking hat/jacket on him.

    I was all ready for work, had taken him for his long walk as usual. I prepared his kong and gave him my goodbye kisses. As I'm walking down my stairs to go outside I remembered I had forgotton my important papers I needed for a meeting today. I left the aparatment door open that leads to our screen room. I run back upstairs grab my folder and I hear Avery RUN down the stairs. RUH ROW I call him back up, nada. I walk down the stairs and see him staring out the screen door wagging his tail. YAAAYY MOMMY LETS GOOO PLAYYY WOOO HOOO. Before I could even tell him no pup pup you're staying home today he JUMPS up and opens the door himself!!!!! He proceeded to run around the backyard while I'm screaming at him AVERY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOL I'm having the worst thoughts imaginable b/c we have no fenced in yard and we live on a busy street, plus a freshly new dead squirral we found at the end of the neighbors house. In the heat of the moment you don't quite thing rashionally so I'm chasing him in my business suit and high heel wedges around the damn house to try and catch him. Finally I started thinking he thinks this is a game. OHhhh ok buddy you wanna play? AVERY COME GET ME!!!!!!!! running away nope that didn't help either! Ok hmmmmm AVERY LOOK a STICK!!!!! Yup that worked like a charm, came right over and then I grabbed him. The neighbors were outside laughing at me.... I'm sure they thought I was wacko.
    What a fun way to start my morning, oh and I hadn't had coffee yet. I really got my ass handed to me this morning LOL
    Rachel, Keith, Scarlett & Avery = One happy little Family

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    Would have made for a great video! They ALWAYS get us back but thank goodness he did not go out in to the street. How soon will you be dressing him up again, lol!

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    After all that the coffee wasn't needed

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    hahaha oh sorry, laughing WITH you not at you.

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    Thank goodness he didn't get into traffic! Sophie will take off like that if she gets out the front door. The cable guy accidentally let her out yesterday and my son finally caught her about 3 houses down. Luckily we live on a cul-de-sac, but we have an animal hater who lives in our neighborhood, and Sophie went strait to his yard. My son caught her and was taking her home, but of course the old grouch had to stick his head out the door and yell for him to get her outta his yard! The world takes all kinds...this guy is a jerk, and we always worry he'll harm someone's pet.

    Sophie DOB 04/13/2011 6 mo

    8.5 mo.

    Sophie 15 months, with Skye

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    LOL! Those labs are darn clever, they are always plotting something.

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    Sorry to snigger. I can imagine it and know the frustation, then laughing after. Makes for good stories in years to come.

    Kassa 25/11/01 - 09/02/05 O.S Jaw cancer forever in my heart.
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    That'll teach you to dress him up! Hahahah! I had to chuckle picturing you running around all dressed up ~ Sorry!
    Jen and the crew!

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    LOL! Oh i love labs!

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