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    How do you go about leaving your dog uncrated? My previous dog didn't have a crate, and Bean always goes in when we're not home. He is always uncrated at night, with some silliness happening in the morning. It's because he's actually hungry for real.
    He's been out alone for 20 minutes a few times with no destructive behavior, and has never shown any sign of separation anxiety. Do I just clear what I can and leave him for several hours? All these stories about chewed houses and furniture make me worried! Especially since my husband will be the first to encounter any destruction.

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    My dog Layla just turned 13 months. At 1 year we allowed her to start sleeping in our room instead of her crate. This has worked out great. My wife started this week leaving her out for very short errands. The first time she did she came home to her in her crate. She left her there until after around an hour or so she went up to her to see what was up. SHE WAS WAITING FOR PERMISSION TO LEAVE THE OPEN CRATE! My wife was blown away. My dog rocks! Saying all that, I think we are a long ways away from trusting her for hours on end without putting her in the crate.


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