Tessas' vet visit.
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Thread: Tessas' vet visit.

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    DefaultTessas' vet visit.

    He is very pleased how well she is doing.
    She has environmental allergies and yeast infections again, so on another round of meds, and pred which we will try to wean her off and then if she is o.k will try a food trial in summer. Then see if autumn brings it back. He is amazed her fur has grown and says if we can keep it going her chest will clear, and less likely to ever come back. It has been like it since pup and told me it wouldn't grow again.Environmental allergies are why she is snorting and she has dandruff which she didn't have before.

    Before I got Tessa I thought any time their skin looked off it was food because depending on the food I tried over the years for Erns he would come right, or start again.
    Vet has been saying the last thing we look at is food, but me with my vet degree from a cereal box was convinced it was food. He is very experienced and animals are taken to him instead of the vet hospital so maybe he knows a little. lolol.

    He says if we play with food (as I did with Erns) we will never find the cause and it will go on for years. He went on in vet talk that lost me after the first 10 letter word.
    He also said each issues needs different treatments. Tessa never had a problem with her feet or dandruff before so new things keep coming up and each is different.

    I have to feed her Erns food....eekk..$198 for 14kilos I said it will kill the budget and asked if someone else could help pay for his Christmas holiday. He laughed and said it isn't much more...ummm...At this rate I will be growing something illegal....would you like to be my first client.. lolol.

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    You know, Chris, Tessa is so lucky to be with you. I hope you can figure out what is causing her allergies. She does look so much better since she has been with you.

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    I am so glad she is doing as well as she is despite all she has going on. I 2nd the above post, she is a lucky doggy and you are a wonderful mom to her.

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