What Are your Thoughts On Boarding???
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Thread: What Are your Thoughts On Boarding???

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    DefaultWhat Are your Thoughts On Boarding???

    Hi everyone,

    I am torn on what to do. The family has decided to take a vacation in January. We will be gone a week. I unfortunately have no one that can care for Stoli for that time. I was considering boarding her. There is a kennel not far from me. It seems to be a great place. I have a friend whose dogs go there for day care. Essentially the place allows the dogs to roam and play in a 1/2 acre daycare area. This is both indoor and outdoor with toys, water, beds, etc. She would be in that area from 7am-6pm then would go to the boarding area. It is 14'x5' kennel with a bed and toys, etc. They have staff and a vet on site 24 hours. It seems really nice. You can add a wooded walk for a couple bucks each day. Even a TV for a fee(thats silly to me though) I was thinking I would bring her to the daycare a few times prior to see how she likes it.

    Am I wrong to consider this?? I have never been away from Stoli for more than 2 nights(when my baby was born) Has anyone else boarded their dogs?? How did they do?? I just feel guilty about boarding her but the only other choice would be to cancel the trip.


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    Tim... There's nothing wrong with boarding Stoli. I'd take her a few days to see how she likes it there, ask the employees how she behaved, did she eat all her food etc. If she likes it (comes home pooped) than why not?

    I bring Avery to camp bow wow a few days a week to get some fun/exercise. Sometimes we board him if we have something like a wedding or will be away. He loves it there and the people are so nice.

    Try it out... Stoli may love it.
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    Tim, We don't live far from you -- in southwestern MA. First, you are very reasonable to consider boarding your dog. We all need to travel at times and make arrangements for our amazing pets. A couple of things for you to consider. Be sure Stoli has her kennel cough vaccine, as you will need that. We had never boarded our first dog, and when the time came to board Wyatt we didn't realize this. (Our dogs had just always been with family.) Second, if you feel comfortable with the facility, it is probably fine. Perhaps bring her there for daycare one day and see how she does. Ask questions about the other dogs, how they separate aggressive dogs, etc. Some other alternatives are to see if your breeder ever boards and a pet sitter. We've done all three. Wyatt is pretty easy going, so he never had an isuse anywhere. When we get the new pup we would plan to use the pet sitter, as we love her and the cost is the same for one or two. They will also have each other for company.

    I often cry when I leave my dog, so I understand. Don't feel guilty. She'll be okay.

    Wyatt & Echo

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    I used to take Diesel to a doggy daycare & when I needed to go out of town I would board him there. Make sure Stoli's shots are up to date, take her there for play days a few times prior so she gets used to it & will be excited to see her friends when you have to board her.... she will just think she gets to have extra long play days!!

    Ask lots of questions, especially how they screen for aggressive dogs, the ratio of staff:dog during the play times, make sure you tell them of any quirks she has so they can handle them the way you would want them to. Most places will keep a log of their stay, Diesel got diarrhea the first two times I boarded him which he can get when he is feeling anxiety. Along with his food, I gave them cans of organic pumpkin to feed Diesel if he had diarrhea. Bring her favourite toy that you let her sleep with so she can have something from home in her crate at night.

    You will have a completely tuckered out pup when you bring her home!

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    as Kim suggested, if your breeder is local, see if she/he will take Stoli for boarding. I will take any of my pups back for boarding...makes the dog and the breeder happy!

    Karen and the gang
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