Happy note: What we're doing this weekend
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Thread: Happy note: What we're doing this weekend

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    DefaultHappy note: What we're doing this weekend

    OK, to break away for a moment from all the worry about feet, I thought I'd tell you what the boys are doing this weekend:

    We have not shown since, oh, the spring. They both got their CDs then, and we started training for Open, so we're in sort of a weird in-between place right now.

    This weekend one of our club members is having a show and go at his training building. Last night he and I were emailing, and I think I'm going to take both boys down there and do Open.


    Laughing because this is going to be totally, completely awful. Neither of the boys is anywhere close to being able to qualify in Open. Simon is slightly closer, but Angus is going to be hysterically funny.

    But, I would really like to a) see where they truly are on everything in a show-type environment, and b) experience Open for myself...I've only watched, but never done any kind of Open run in practice.

    The boys will no doubt really enjoy the outing, and both love to train. I just know it has the potential for some really outstanding blooper reel video. LOL Hey, and who knows...they may actually surprise me and be closer than I think!

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    I bet they're close than you think Have fun and take video!

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    Have fun! And yes I think they will surprise you!
    ~Veronica and Nikki~
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    Nikki 6 months


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    *sigh* I hope one day Abbey will be good enough to do that stuff.. just not any time soon.. LOL. She's way too hyper for that just yet, that's why agility is working for her - she can get all of her energy out!

    I hope they behave for you this weekend - good luck!!

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    Have fun!

    Remington may never even get a CD... he has ADD so badly he cannot focus on anything for very long. Maybe when he's old and grew in the chops we can give it a try

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