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    DefaultA Pointing Doodle

    Most bird dawg folks know that a "point" is merely an "interrupted step" taken by all predators in an abundance of caution when stalking game. It's an inherited trait that's not only apparent in pointing breed dogs, it's also seen in the big cats in Africa as well as ordinary house cats when they are sneaking up on a targeted victim. Same is true with coyotes, fox, etc. Fearful that they will flush the target outside of their grasp, they slink and stalk in a series of interrupted steps, often freezing until they feel secure to close the distance further.

    Rusty has been getting a lot of field work the last month or so because I've been keeping him out of the diminishing stagnant water that used to be our training ponds and wetlands. We've been doing a lot of tracking work using live pigeons.

    This morning I "slept" three pigeons about 100 yards apart. Carol then brought Rusty out from the house and I started him off into the wind in search of them. He's using his nose more effectively now that he's had successes and is building confidence. He pointed the first two planted birds which gave me the chance to flush and shoot them for him.

    The third one moved about 25 yards ahead of Rusty as he approached and it flushed wild on its own. He retrieved all three to hand.

    We have a new issue to begin working on, however. He "crunched" the last two birds on his way back to me. He's always been very soft mouth and this is something new. Oh well ... dawg training is not a short trip, it's always a long on-going journey.

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    Such good photos!

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    Way to go Rusty. Well, I always say, every dog has a quirk or two. Get several things going right & something else pops up. I am still working on Kate's vocalization. I just think it is really getting better & wham...she will do it again. Usually at test. Haven't had any crunching but just when I think she has the "hold" perfected...she will drop one as soon as she gets at heel.

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