It has been a few weeks of waiting but those of you who remember our oldest lab Jake who is 10 had what was thought to be near total loss of liver function do to phenobarbital use for so many years.
This has been weeks of ruling out and in different issues. Blood work was not getting better but health was. After all blood, biopsy, ultrasound etc we have Chronic hepatitis and bile duct hyperplasia..big words for me, essentially liver not functioning proper and has continuing scar tissue and inflammation. Anyhow it's treatable so I am looking for anyone who has used these meds or generics
Actigol-human drug
Sam-e with mill thistle or denosyl
He will also be on a regimen of prednisone for inflammation o the liver as well as long term estimate of 10mg every other day. Whew..a lot to take in. Liver function needs to be up of course so we will
Do what it takes! Any advice?! We are so happy not cancer so now we move to the management of his condition!

Thanks in advance!