I scored at the store!
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Thread: I scored at the store!

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    DefaultI scored at the store!

    Our Concord Pet has been renovating for about 6 weeks now. Sometimes they have what I need, sometimes not. Last time I went in for canned food they were out and no one knew when it was coming in but I was told that the case would be my free one. I went in last night to check and found that they had the food so I grabbed the case and asked for a bag also. While waiting for that I found a toy for Fanny for 6.99.

    I figured my tab would be around $37, for the bag of food and the toy. I got the bag and the case free!!!!! So I got a $56 bill for $6.99!!!!! Awesome!

    November I will get my shipment from Mr. Chewy and won't have to worry the store not having my brand in ever again. And when they have their super sale I can get toys, lots of toys, and treats, lots of treats.

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    I love it when those things happen! It's like winning a prize

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    My oldest son worked full time at Concord Pets for a couple of years until just recently. He is working maybe one (1) day a week now, depending on his schedule at his new full time job. I love that he works there, his employee discount, among other benefits, are awesome!


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