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    DefaultDog Parks, Trails

    There are no real dog parks within 50 miles of my house, but there is a small enclosed dog area about 25 mins. away. I took Bean one day, and there were no other dogs at first. When some people showed up, I let them know that he was intact, but one of the dogs wasn't theirs, and they were unsure of her status. They seemed willing to take the chance, but we left, and the others finally chose to walk a trail instead of using the "park".

    So, should I ever let Bean off leash if there's even a possibility that he could encounter a fertile female? Do most people keep their females on leash when they're in season? Can you interrupt them if they get started?

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    I think it's nice that you mentioned something to the other owners. The dog park I frequent requires that dogs be spayed/neutered so I don't encounter in tact dogs too often. At other parks the owners have always been nearby their dog to stop anything from happening.

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    I would think people with dogs on heat would respect others and not take their dogs out, but some don't. At least if you say something it is up to them.
    Here you aren't allowed to take a dog on heat into the dog park.

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    I never took Moka out to a public place when she was in heat.
    I can control my dog, but I can't control other people's dogs.

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