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    DefaultBig Dog Teeth

    Sophie has lost all her baby teeth, and now has a mouth full of adult teeth! They are so nice and pearly white. Funny, her smile looks different with the big teeth. She also has big-dog-bark too! She will look out the window and bark up a storm at people or animals walking up the road. When she plays, she still has a higher pitched puppy bark... It seems like I won't have a baby much longer! She will be 6 months on the 13th, and is 54 lbs. She is scheduled to be spayed on the 19th. She still likes to climb up in mama's lap though.

    Sophie DOB 04/13/2011 6 mo

    8.5 mo.

    Sophie 15 months, with Skye

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    Rush is my 8 yo, and she is still a mama's lap dog. All 75 lbs of her but I wouldn't change it for the world! I love my little (lol) cuddle bug. Sophie's big girl teeth are probably a welcome relief from the puppy teeth.
    Those puppy teeth are like little razors.

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    I Hope you got a lot of puppy pictures of her. Bruno, 75 pounds, is still my lap dog at age 4...probably because Judy won't let him sit on her anymore.

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    Puppies go by so fast!

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