I think I missed Jack's birthday...
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Thread: I think I missed Jack's birthday...

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    UnhappyI think I missed Jack's birthday...

    Ever since I got him I've been waiting for him to turn "two". We were told he was "18 months-ish" so I've never had a date, so I'll never be sure he's actually two... but I've just realized that if he was exactly 18 months when I got him, I've since missed the poor guy's birthday! I am a terrible dog parent.

    So I'm going to chose a birthdate this month so we know when to celebrate from now on. I just feel bad. How old is two in dog years? If he's two does that mean I can expect him to be moving out of the "terrible twos" or moving into them? (Do the terrible twos really exist?)

    Anyway... happy belated birthday, Michael Jackson. (Jack is short for Michael Jackson. Don't ask.)

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    Happy birthday Jack! (I think!)

    As far as the terrible 2s goes...my boy Boone will be 3 in March, and I'm pretty sure he'll be a terror for the rest of his life. It's just how he's made.
    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

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    my 8 y/o is still a terror at times .....can leave her and she stays out of stuff but still wants to jump up when we have company I don't think labs ever grow up

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