A friend of mine that lives in Nags Head, NC posted this on her facebook account. Thought I would post it here in case anyone would be interested. Thanks.

Outer Banks Voice
From KDH PD.

The Kill Devil Hills animal shelter has a mixed breed yellow lab named Atticus who is getting ready to walk the Green Mile. His story is particularly sad because his owner died quite unexpectedly, which is how he came to our shelter. I've rarely heard our ACO, Louie Reber, speak so highly of a dog, and because he's so obedient and well manner, they've kept Atticus a little l...onger than normal.
I know times are tight and pets are a burden many people can't afford right now, but if you are in need of a dog, Atticus might be right for you.
You can visit our Animal Shelter off Colington Road during regular business hours. Call (252) 449-5337 if you'd like to speak to one of the Animal Control officers about Atticus.
Feel free to repost so we can find Atticus a home.