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    DefaultWaiting, Thinking and Wondering...

    Our new pup is two weeks today. We are so excited to meet her in a couple of weeks and can't wait until we can take her home in November. So, I am waiting and thinking and planning for our new addition. One question I had for folks with two: does the older lab teach the new pup in the same way a litter mate would? We sat for a pup and Wyatt, our mellow guy, didn't do much to discourage the puppy unless it really aggravated him. I was just wondering in what ways Wyatt might be helpful and how he will make training more complicated. I know we should give each of them their own time, separate walks, etc. What about bathroom time? Should the pup go out alone to avoid playing? Do you feed in different rooms? I've told the kids we won't allow running in the house (and discourage that now with Wyatt). We'll crate our girl and keep her in the kitchen and living room (with us) for the most part. She'll sleep in a crate in our room. Wyatt sleeps with the kids. So excited, just love to think about it. Any thoughts are appreciated.

    Also, would love some thoughts on names. We are trying for something with meaning, mostly focused around our skiing passion up at Bretton Woods. Here are some choices (though we can't agree):

    No Regrets - call her Nora (favorite ski trail is No Regrets)
    Enchanted Bear - call her Teddie (favorite ski trail)
    Zea - after Zealand Falls, a place we love to hike
    Zephyr - one of the lifts (but might be better for a boy?)
    Maple - love that maple syrup

    This site has been so much fun. Love learning from everyone.

    Wyatt & Echo

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    How exciting!! First off Wyatt is adorable and I love his name, as for the puppy I would wait until she is yours and then the name will come to you. I always took both the pup and my older Lab out at the same time to potty and fed them away from each other.


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    How exciting! Wyatt will have a baby sister. Will she be black too?
    I always kept mine together; they eat, sleep, potty, swim, and play together. They seem to love being together.
    Yes they really learn from the older ones. For example, I once had a yellow Lab, Kasa, who learned the trick, "bang you're dead."..she fell and lay motionless.
    I also had a young golden mix at the time, Teddy. I was showing my neighbor Kasa's trick, "bang you're dead" but to my surprise, Teddy was the one who fell motionless and I never taught him that, he just observed Kasa doing it.

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    Hi! As a lab mom that just added our second in Feb., I would say that Paisley learned faster than Duke because of watching him. I feel like they have their own language and he "teachers" her what to do and not to do. I let them out to go to the bathroom together and eat together. Neither have been a problem, I would just see how it goes and what you would rather do. Good luck, very exciting! P.S. I like the name Nora!

    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a Labrador Retriever licking your face". – Unknown

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    Yes, they do learn from the older ones.....good and bad habits! Good luck with your new baby!!

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    How about Bretton?

    Sophie DOB 04/13/2011 6 mo

    8.5 mo.

    Sophie 15 months, with Skye

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    It's not a whole lot different than kids learning from each other. Both good and bad, but the older dogs are usually excellent teachers. Just remember, monkey see, monkey do. lol

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