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    Defaultdumb question here.....

    Newcomer here.... I have a large blockhead Chocolate Lab named rufus. Got him from a rescue. Chose him because he was gorgeous, mild mannered, seemed almost trained, and not skiddish as i groped and pulled at him..his face ears tail.. nothing bugged him!
    and he is/was going to be around kids...so all is great there!! :-) turned out to be totally great dog!!

    the one and ONLY problem I have with him is he runs. sometimes he sees the slightest opening.....BANG Gone!... other times, seems like he could care less whats going on elsewhere.... at frist i thought....must have smeeled/seen a deer or something but..... i mean he went on walks with me in the swamp/cornfields without a leash no problems in first 6 mos-yr.....then ??? and, i ended up getting a ticket because some NON DOG OWNER :-( called the cops.... which is the least of my worries when/if he runs..

    Anyone know of a way- short of "adjustment" collar that will help curtail this?? he gets a short walk every day....longer one sometimes.... but at 90 lbs (all muscle) pretty much has to be me or the oldest kid as he gets pretty strong.... and i REALLY REALLY want to get him hunting as i KNOW he would do great and WANTS to....but i am afraid if i were to take him..would be the last i saw of him

    one last thing.....he wont play fetch with anything...... except a little stuffed animal in the house once in a while when HE wants to, so thats out as a way to get him excercise/tired out

    any help????

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    Our Sophie is 5 months. We have a fenced back yard. If she gets out front, she takes off like a bullet! I have not figured out how to break her of it either. She is mega fast! Yesterday she got out of the car at the vets office! I almost had a heart attack as there was a busy road with traffic pretty close. Thankfully, my husband moved pretty fast for an old guy (haha) and finally got her attention and she turned smiled at him and ran to him. She had her leash on when she got out. I worry about this and would love help from anyone who knows how to break her if this!

    Sophie DOB 04/13/2011 6 mo

    8.5 mo.

    Sophie 15 months, with Skye

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    i also forgot to mention....
    1. LIGHTINING fast....2-3 seconds and he is out of sight gone
    2. ANY amount of yelling/calling usually wont bring him back/stop him...
    3. only thing that works is getting in car..driving til i see him, open the door and yell...ride? (he absolutley LOVES car rides.)

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    There is a very high likelihood that this dog was in rescue for this same reason - he runs away. You really should not allow him offleash until you have a solid recall in place. You can train a recall with 2 people and a long line - call the dog to you as the other person holds him. Praise and treat when he comes. If he does not come, reel him in. This done many times will help you get to a place of solid recall. The critical element is to always make responding to a "come" command a really positive rewarding thing for him.

    And - that is just not adequate exercise for him. If you can get a regular play date with another dog, go for daily long walks or carve out time for long rounds of fetch in an enclosed space where he cannot bolt that would help a lot. I know he is not fetching now - you can build that with similar techniques to the above recall.

    If you really want to hunt with him you might want to do some obedience training and find an area hunt club to join.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    you need to TRAIN him. train him to come when called, which is formal and multi step. there are plenty of threads on the topic, but you need to teach him that "come" (and if you have been using this word so far I would change it when you start formal training). He should not be off leash until you have trained him properly.

    I would also encourage you to sign up for an obedience class. sounds like you could benefit from overall training. This will help your goal of bringing him hunting with you - which again, you need to train him to hunt with you, not just bring him and shoot your gun.

    Regarding the "he won't come back no matter how much I yell". put yourself in his shoes - he is having fun running around and you are standing there, mad and yelling. what about this picture makes a dog think "hum.....going back home would be a good idea!". no, they are thinking "holy crap, why would I go towards THAT!"

    Also, as mentioned above your dog needs EXERCISE. DAILY. a walk is NOT exercise. not even a long walk. he needs to run daily.

    not all dogs play fetch, but there are ways to encourage them to do so.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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