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    Person living in Islamabad

    Hey guys, i dont know much about dogs, i actually means that i know nothing about dogs. But the problem is that i am living in an area which is famous because of robberies. So guys for the security of my home i want to select a dog [mod edit/link removed] Plz suggest me a dog which is easily controllable by me. Keep in mind i m new in this field.

    I told him to get a shot gun !

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    Yikes!!! I like the "i actually means that i know nothing about dogs"

    A shot gun could work
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    "A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water log stick will do just fine. A dog doesn't care if your rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he'll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary?"- John Grogan

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